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MAC steel — the new material for solar racking

September 27 , 2020

With the popularization and wide application of solar power stations, in response to more severe corrosive environments and increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, MAC steel have emerged as a new type of solar racking material. With its multiple advantages, it can perfectly replace traditional hot-dip galvanizing steel and be used in large-scale solar ground power plants.

MAC steel

MAC steel is formed by high-temperature curing of zinc (Zn), aluminum (Al) and magnesium (Mg). The magnesium (Mg) component in the coating is beneficial to promote the formation of a very stable and well-structured fine protective film, so that the MAC steel possesses excellent corrosion resistance.

Multiple advantages of MAC

a.High corrosion resistance

Due to the dense protective film on the surface, MAC steel has excellent corrosion resistance, which is about 10 times than that of hot-dip galvanized steel.

b. Self-healing performance

The coating composition around the cutting surface will leech out to form a tight protective film, so there is no need for post-dip plating process.

c. Long service life

Possessed strong corrosion resistance and self-healing performance of cutting section, the service life of MAC steel can reach more than 30 years under the same coating.

d. Easy processing

The coating is more compact, so it is not easy to peel off during extrusion processing. Besides, the coating possesses high hardness and excellent damage resistance.

MAC mounting system

Antaisolar MAC mounting system has a simple structure, no need for on-site welding, and is convenient and efficient to install. It can be adapted to various foundations such as ground screw foundation, cement pre-embedded bolt foundation and pile foundation etc., possessing excellent wind and snow resistance. No post-coated or smeared is required, which greatly reduces the cost of rust-proof and paint repair on site. Also, it can be applied to various scenarios such as agricultural greenhouse, carport, workshop, fishery industry, composting plant and other highly corrosive soil area and coastal salt-affected area.

Click to learn more about Antaisolar MAC mounting system.


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