• Antaisolar Delivers 7.4MW 1P Tracker TAI-Simple in Victoria, Australia
    Project News March 22, 2023 Antaisolar Delivers 7.4MW 1P Tracker TAI-Simple in Victoria, Australia
    Antaisolar has announced a successful installation of 7.4MW 1P Tracking System TAI-Simple in Cosgrove, Victoria, Australia. The establishment of the solar plant in Cosgrove is a positive development for local sustainability, and it represents a remarkable step towards a cleaner and greener future.   AntaiSolar 1P tracker Tai-Simple was selected for the project due to its best optimization of performance, cost, and reliability for utility-scale solar plants. It features an innovative pile foundation design that was critically conducted with consideration of soil reactive conditions, making it ideal for undulating terrain and corrosion considerations. Moreover, as the name Tai-Simple implies, it is as simple to install as it is effective, with preassembled clamps and fewer columns for faster installation, ultimately saving on labor costs. The AI tracking mode uses massive data analysis of weather, terrain, and scattered light conditions, along with the deep machine learning method, to generate the optimized tracking path, which increases power generation compared to conventional tracking and generates substantial returns for the project.   Since 2008, Antaisolar has entered the Australian market, shipping a cumulative 4.8 GW of tracking and mounting systems. This project is an important one for Antaisolar as it continues to expand its presence in the Australian solar market.    "We are proud to be a part of Australia's renewable energy revolution and have set up a subsidiary company to support local design, engineering, sales, and services. We are well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for solar power in Australia and are committed to delivering high-quality products and services to our customers."said Lloyd Li, Antaisolar's Vice President.
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  • Antai Signs 23MW Solar Tracker Deal, Accelerating Its Deployment in India Market
    Project News February 24, 2023 Antai Signs 23MW Solar Tracker Deal, Accelerating Its Deployment in India Market
    Antai, the leading supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting systems, has recently completed the signing of a 23MW supply agreement with WELSPUN INDIA LIMITED, committing to provide its classic slew-drive single-axis independent tracking system - TAI Simple for the solar plant. Having cultivated in the solar industry for seventeen years, Antaisolar is now developing at a rapid pace. This signing is another milestone for Antaisolar to expand its business presence in the Indian market.   Solar tracking systems are proven to be more efficient than fixed mounting systems by making solar panels follow the sun's path to maximize absorbing the sunlight, which helps increase energy yield. Whereas, with advanced technology improving the energy yield, there also comes the drawback that utilizing tracking systems require more investment. TAI-Simple, Antaisolar's intelligent 1P tracking system, adopts the patent single-point slew drive design with two dampers on both sides, which not only can greatly save cost in procurement, installation, and O&M, but also ensure the stability of the whole structure.   Following the trend of reducing the LCOE of solar plants, purchasers are more interested in the solution of tracking systems combined with bifacial or large-size modules. Antaisolar has captured this demand and started R&D years ago, to optimize product adaptability. Until now, Antaisolar has the entire tracker product line matched perfectly with all types of solar panels.   India is known as one of the most important solar markets with great potential, and the market is growing at an unimaginable speed, that the installed capacity of PV systems in India has grown from 6.76GW in 2016 to 54GW in 2022. Competition becomes more fierce when the government announced the target to achieve 280GW of installed capacity by 2030. Antaisolar shows its confidence in exploring the Indian market. Besides innovative product design and trustworthy quality control, Antaisolar also excels in providing local service, compared with other foreign manufacturers. The Indian office of Antaisolar is located in New Delhi, there you can find local sales and engineers providing the best solution for you. Antaisolar also cooperated with Indian local supply chain factory and has secured 2.5 GW production capacity per annum, which enables fast delivery to the project location.   Holding the mission of Raise a Green World, Antaisolar is making strides on the road to achieving the globalization, bringing cutting-edge technology and thoughtful service to clients around the world. Along with the rapid growth of the solar market, Antaisolar is strengthening itself, always ready to solve what's next.
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  • 187MW! Antaisolar opened a new chapter in Latin American Market
    Project News February 08, 2023 187MW! Antaisolar opened a new chapter in Latin American Market
    Antai, the leading supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting system, announced the signing of a 187MW supply agreement to provide its comprehensive solar tracking system for Brazil's CEMIG Solar Project. This project is estimated to be grid in the third quarter of 2023, and will annually deliver 220 million kWh of clean energy for this region after completion.   Utilizing TAI-Simple, Antai's advanced 1P tracking system, the stability of the project can be guaranteed. What's unique in TAI-Simple is that the torque tube of the whole structure can be effectively protected with dampers on both sides, greatly improve its wind-resistance ability, and is more economical. Besides, TAI-Simple is also designed to match the large-size or bifacial modules, achieving a wider range of tracking, which can effectively reduce LCOE.   The terrain condition can be a great challenge for the tracking system, as the flat project sites for the utility-scale project are diminishing. After years of research and experience, Antaisolar's engineering team has faced various types of conditions and figured out corresponding solutions for each time. In this project located in Minas Gerais, Brazil, Antaisolar adopted the combination of multiple solutions to adapt slope and terrain as much as possible. Not only technology R&D and project-tailored design, Antai values every concern of the clients. For this project, Antai understands the local taxation policy and fully cooperated with clients to solve a series of tax clearance problems to complete the DDP service. With professional technical support and responsible service, Antaisolar is trusted by clients all around the world.   Located in the equator area, Brazil is rich in daylight resources, which gives it natural advantages to develop solar energy. The government keeps releasing solar incentive policies, aiming to achieve 7GW installed capacity by 2024. Numbers of developers and equipment suppliers flow to the market to make their contribution, and so does Antaisolar. As early as the year of 2018, Antai set up an office in Brazil, offering local support, which laid the foundation for it to explore Latin American Market. As Sofia Zheng, Director of Global Business Development of Antaisolar, said, "With the continuous development of solar business in Latin America, the Latin American market will be a core business area for Antaisolar to make long-term efforts. As a leading PV mounting supplier, Antaisolar will actively respond to local policies, bring more benefits to our customers and live up to the trust our customers have placed in us."   Until now, Antai has achieved 25.4GW global solar racking shipment. Holding the mission of Raise a Green World, Antai is committed to making efforts in zero carbon transition. Not only is Antai a mounting system supplier, but we're also on the way to contributing to the green, healthy, and harmonious earth.    
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  • Antai Supplied 2P Tracker For The Largest Fishery+PV Power Plant In Hubei, China
    Project News November 03, 2022 Antai Supplied 2P Tracker For The Largest Fishery+PV Power Plant In Hubei, China
    Fishery-solar hybrid system is recognised as an environmental friendly way of using water space. Solar matrix installed above the water can not only produce clean energy but also reduce water surface temperature for aquaculture, bringing multiple economical benefits. In this on-construction 350MW project located in Chibi city, Hubei, Antaisolar plays an important part by suppling the whole structure featuring TAI-Universal, the single-axis 2p tracker. As the largest fishery-PV power plant in the province, it covers a total area of 4.9 square kilometers, is expected to produce more than 460 million kWh of clean energy per year. Compared to fixed mounting system, tracking system excels in reducing LCOE. Tracking system is able to adjust the angle of solar panels to align with the sun's movement throughout the day, maximising the power generation yield. As one of Antai's self-developed tracking systems, TAI-Universal adopts AI algorithms to capture every sunlight precisely. Patent multi-slew drive design helps protecting the main axis from torrision, keeping the whole structure safe and stable. With up to ±60° of tracking range and perfect match for large-size and bifacial modules, TAI-Universal impresses clients by its effeciency and intelligient. Fishery-solar hybrid system requires products of excellent anti-corrosion performance. Besides that, customized services is also considered a key factor during the whole process. From the very start of this project, Antai sent a team of experienced engineers for on-site inspection and tailor-made design. During the whole installation period, you can always see our engineers demonstrating in person and even go on board for guidance, which won highly praise from the customer. Once the project completes the grid connection, it will save 130,800 tonnes of coal, reduce 321,300 tonnes of CO2 emission per year, and help make one step closer to a zero-carbon society. By the end of September 2022, Antaisolar's global cumulative shipments reached 24.1GW. Holding the mission of Raise A Green World, Antaisolar is committed to bringing more clean energy solutions to clients all around the world.
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  • Antai supplied TAI-universal for 30MW solar plant in China
    Project News March 02, 2022 Antai supplied TAI-universal for 30MW solar plant in China
    The solar plant located in the Northwest of China adopted Antai’s TAI-universal solar tracker is under high-efficiency power generation currently and expected to generate 43,800MWh of clean energy annually. In addition to supplying TAI-universal solar tracker, Antaisolar complete pre-sale and after-sale follow-up have been highly appraised by power station owners. From the early stage to the final implementation of the project, Antai provide all-around service including on site survey before project, installation guidance and arrange a site manager to push the entire process from delivery, schedule coordination to product inspection. In this project, Tai-universal was chosen for its high stability and reliability to withstand heavy snow loads as well as high wind speeds. Designed with multi-slew drive through mechanical synchronously, the system has higher nature frequency with wind resistance increase by nearly 2 times. “We can see that the adoption of 2P solar tracker is becoming widespreading, especially for those areas where sites have land constraints. We will still dive into innovation and look forward to be able to service our clients with a well-engineered and cost-effective solution.” Said by Amy Kou, the CTO at Antai.
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  • Ground-mounted project with innovative fixing method
    Project News February 25, 2022 Ground-mounted project with innovative fixing method
    The 363 kw ground-mounted solar park located in Japan has come on live for clean power generation. Completed in Feb, 2022, it adopted aluminum solar mounting structure, made of highly anti-corrosion AL6005- T6. The solar mounting system is widely applied in different market for its in-house high quality and on-site installation convenience. It’s worth to mention that an innovative fixing method of clamps, which is mounted from the bottom of solar panels to achieve a solid fixing with rails. Compared with conventional fixing method that is from the top of panels, it doesn’t require persons to climb on the top of solar panels. In this way, it not only can save installation time and costs but also easy for further O&M.  For those solar projects in the areas with heavy snow, this is also a much better way of fixing clamps from the bottom. Antaisolar’s team would be happy to help you with the planning of your next project. Leave your message at
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  • Commercial tile roof with BIPV roof mounting solution in China
    Project News February 15, 2022 Commercial tile roof with BIPV roof mounting solution in China
    Project  information Location: China Building: Commerical , tile roof Building height: 10 m Panel: 450W Commissioning: Jan, 2022 System: BIPV solution Capacity: 3MW Module orientation: Landscape Clamping of the modules: long side Use of electricity: own consumption and fed into the power grid The PV system in China on tile roof are attached with BIPV roof mounting solution, featuring with robust carbon steel structure and good performance of waterproof, it’s designed with optimal layout to achieve better stability and reliability. “In existing buildings, we combine the solar system with a power unit. We choose Antaisolar for its extensive expertise for dealing with complicated solar park," said by the owner of solar park. The  solar modules are installed in an east-west orientation and thus generate solar power evenly distributed throughout the day, which the company uses directly to operate machines in production.
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  • Antaisolar completes supply of 38MW solar racking for thermal power plant ---Test
    Project News February 05, 2022 Antaisolar completes supply of 38MW solar racking for thermal power plant ---Test
    Recently, Antaisolar has announced that it has completed the shipment of 38MW of solar bracket to the thermal power enterprise in China. The solar plant is built to actively carried out the clean transformation of traditional power. Based on the traditional thermal energy power plants, these solar photovoltaic power plants, opening a new chapter in green energy development. The 38MW solar plants is comprise of agrivoltaic, solar-fishery hybrid and ground-mounted solar plant. Due to the multiply application scenario, Antaisolar engineering team came to site to conduct a survey and then offer cost-effective solar racking solution according to local condition. Different product portfolio with optimal solar racking design for achieving the transition towards green energy. Fishery-solar hybrid system The fishery-solar hybrid system innovatively combines solar power generation with fishery, which not only saves the land, but also outputs environmentally-friendly and clean energy. The water area below the solar array can be used for fish and shrimp farming. Agrivoltaic system Agrivoltaics is a symbiotic relationship where both the solar panels and the crops benefit because they help each other perform better. Antaisolar offered a proper solution with well calculated solar array span to obtain sufficient solar radiation and offer a proper hight for agricultural work. Ground-mounted system According to the terrain and land conditions , Antaisolar proposed two sets of fixed mounting structure with double and single columns respectively. The adoption of MAC steel  structure with high-strength performance allows for large spans to reduce the number of pile foundations, and thus better reduce costs.
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  • Solar projects utilized Antaisolar mounting system in South Korea
    Project News November 26, 2021 Solar projects utilized Antaisolar mounting system in South Korea
    According to South Korea's renewable energy plan 3020, South Korea is aiming to increase the share of renewable energy to 20 percent by 2030. Its main target is to develop the new capacity from photovoltaics (PV) and wind energy in the country to increase the use of clean energy. Antaisolar has provided MW scale projects to South Korea in partnership with local EPC and developers. Recently, several solar parks has completed construction and added to the grid. This was made possible thanks to strong project development capability and efficient solar mounting system. Both solar park utilized elevated solar racking in order to get maximum solar power generation at site. Aluminum structure with highly pre-assembled supporting beam and pre-installed components before shipment largely quick the installation time and save labor costs. Besides rooftop solar park, ground-mounted and Agri-PV solar projects are also fully operational deploying Antaisolar mounting structure in South Korea. These current and future projects follow South Korea’s pledge to take the country carbon neutral by 2050.
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