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What are the key factors to be considered in constructing solar power plant?

December 17 , 2021

In the whole process of constructing solar power plant, each procedure must be controlled for the quality and safety of construction. For ground-mounted power station projects, the quality control of key nodes can effectively prevent production accidents, operation failures and projects caused by construction quality problems.

Material on-site acceptance

After the arrival of all material at site, count the quantity and check whether there is any damage. If there are missing parts and damage, take in time solution to avoid affecting the progress of the project. When loading, unloading and handling large equipment, professional equipment is required for hoisting and handling, and conduct nearby loading and unloading according to the drawings to avoid a large number of secondary handling in later construction.

When the equipment is unpacked, count the equipment drawings, documents, certificates, reports, etc. in the box and keep them as technical data and construction data files for later equipment commissioning.

Civil foundation construction

The quality of the foundation directly affects the installation of the photovoltaic area, and the positioning of the foundation must use professional measuring instruments (theodolite, total station) to control the level of positioning.

When the foundation is poured, the verticality and elevation of the foundation and the metal embedded parts are strictly controlled. After the foundation is demolished, the retest is carried out to for those settlement of the foundation and the unqualified deviation and processed in time to avoid the accumulation of multiple deviations and the overall deviation. qualified.

The installation of solar racking

The quality control of the installation of solar racking is related to the quality of the modules and the subsequent power generation income. In the initial design stage, the solar racking needs to be designed in accordance with the wind pressure, snow pressure, earthquake and other conditions of the project site, and the relevant strength calculation material must be provided by solar structure providers. The verticality of the column and the horizontality of the beam and the rail should be ensured. The verticality and horizontality of a single array will affect the installation quality of the solar module. The module should be evenly stressed on the solar bracket to avoid cracks caused by uneven force.

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The solar bracket is equipped with a full set of fasteners (gaskets, spring washers) when it is tightened to increase the friction of the bracket installation and prevent loosening caused by vibration. During the tightening process, perform the positioning and leveling work of the bracket. After the bracket is leveled, re-tighten the work.

In addition, electrical equipment is responsible for the energy transmission of the photovoltaic system, and the safety and stability of electrical equipment depends on the quality of the installation of electrical equipment. When installing equipment such as transformers, high-voltage cabinets, and AC cables, the horizontality and verticality of the equipment must be within the deviation range. After the equipment is installed in place, carry out corresponding withstand voltage and insulation tests in time. The laying of cables and bonding and grounding should also be performed by dedicated personnel in accordance with safety standards.

There are many nodes in the construction of a high-quality solar power plant to control the overall quality. The above content is just a simple example. Choose a reliable solar racking provider is of vital importance, Antaisolar can be your good partner on the journey of clean energy. Find more at:


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