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How to Improve the Efficiency of Photovoltaic Power Generation?

December 23 , 2020

Many people believe that " the better the lighting conditions, the higher the power generation of the power station". But in fact, the power generation of PV power station is affected by many factors besides illumination. So what can we do to maximize the power generation of PV power station?

The tilt angle of photovoltaic module

The tilt angle of the photovoltaic module is closely related to the power generation. Usually the total solar radiation on the plane is converted into the radiation amount of the inclined plane of the photovoltaic module, and then the photovoltaic system power generation can be calculated to find the best tilt angle.

high-quality photovoltaic power generation system

Standardized high-quality photovoltaic power generation system

The solar panel, photovoltaic inverter and photovoltaic racking are the key factors affecting the power generation of photovoltaic power plants. Therefore, in addition to considering the price, we also need to consider the quality of the photovoltaic system components. Besides, a high-performance photovoltaic power generation system must go through many experiments, data comparison and system debugging. Therefore, the system should be installed, disassembled, or replaced by professionals.

China Solar Ground Mounting System Factory

Daily maintenance of photovoltaic power station

Regular monitoring and timely maintenance can ensure the maximum power generation of the photovoltaic power station.

a. You need to check the power generation of the photovoltaic power station periodically;

b. If any dirt is found on the solar panel, it should be cleaned in time;

c. If the solar panel is found to be faulty, then it should be replaced in time;

d. Prevent shadows on solar panels.

China flat roof mounting system

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