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What do you know about anodization film of aluminum profile?

August 26 , 2020

Industrial aluminum profiles

Anodizing is the most common surface treatment method for industrial aluminum profiles, and do you know the reason of it? Let me take you to learn about the 6 advantages of the anodization film.

Corrosion resistance

Aluminum anodizing film can effectively protect aluminum profiles from corrosion, and its corrosion resistance is better than that of naturally formed oxide film. Film thickness and sealing quality will directly affect its corrosion resistance.

Hardness and wearability

The anodization film has a high hardness and can protect the aluminum profile. In addition, the anodization film possesses high wearability, and its porous surface has the ability to adsorb lubricants, which makes the surface of aluminum profiles more wear-resistant.

Decorative property

The anodization film can protect the metallic luster of the polished surface. It can also be dyed and colored to obtain and maintain a colorful appearance.

Adsorption capacity

The anodization film of aluminum profile is porous structure with strong adsorption capacity. The protection, insulation, wear resistance and decoration properties of aluminum profiles can be further improved by filling the film with various pigments, lubricants and resins.


Anodization film is a kind of insulation film with high resistance, therefore anodized aluminum is a good insulating material.

Thermal insulation

The thermal conductivity of anodization film is very low, and it can withstand up to 1500 ℃.

The anodized aluminum profile is applied in many fields such as technology communication industry, construction industry, transportation industry, interior decoration industry and sports industry. With high corrosion resistance, it is suitable for environments with high corrosion, haze and acid rain.

Antaisolar adopts anodized aluminum 6005 T6 and strictly detects the anodization film of aluminum profile to observe whether the thickness meets the international standards or exists damage, ensuring the average anodization film thickness of aluminum profile reach 16μm, higher than that of similar products on the market.

With more than 10 professional aluminum profile production lines, Antaisolar’s monthly production capacity of aluminum profiles is 2,000 tons, ranking first in exports of similar products (aluminum solar racking )to Japan for Six consecutive years.

More about aluminum profile, ground mounting system and solar tracking system are at Antaisolar.

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