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What You Need to Know About Solar Carports

August 23 , 2019

In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to the energy issues. Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on the earth. Therefore, the application and popularization of solar technology is getting increasing attention, and its application fields are becoming more extensive.

waterproof solar carport

One such application of solar technology is the solar carport. It is one of the fastest growing trend in photovoltaic market. Here is what you need to know about solar carports.

What are solar carports?

Different from traditional carports, solar carports adopt a combination of photovoltaic power technology and carport. It can not only shelter from the wind and rain, but also use solar energy to create clean photovoltaic energy for charging electric vehicles.

In essence, solar carports can be seen as taller ground-mounted solar panels. They are simply lifted high enough for vehicles to park underneath. Solar carports are very common in commercial settings, many companies, parks, schools, and recreation centers parking lots are being converted into solar carports.

What are the advantages of solar carports?

Solar carports enjoy some advantages that roof mounting or ground mounting systems may not have.

1.You can customize the solar carports size to your own needs, especially when it comes to roof/land size constraints.

2.As we all know, the direction of solar panels will impact on the amount of energy being produced, but you can more easily customize its orientation through carport solar mounting system.

3.They can work as electrical vehicle charging station.

What about Antaisolar’s carport solar mounting system?

solar carport from china

As shown in the picture above, Antaisolar has provided solar carport racking solution for one solar projects in Bolivia, which is recently completed and will deliver the clean energy.

Antaisolar’s carport solar mounting system offers simplified and economic solution providing shade for parking and solar power generation, it is designed with different options for both single and double rows of parking, tailored for most module types, orientations, and inclinations. Various foundation options include precast concrete, bored pier and ground screw. Long spans between foundations reduce cost and simplify the installation process.


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