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How do Antaisolar stands out in Southeast Asia market

August 09 , 2019

AS one of leading solar racking providers in clean energy field, Antaisolar regards it as the promising and meaningful things for further generation.

AS/NZ1170.2:2011 PV solar panel mounting system

Scientists believe that global warming has become a top priority for humanity. If the problem of climate warming is not resolved within a certain period of time, then humanity will face a total collapse. In this case, the earth and even humans will shorten the life of life.

We need to promote the use of clean energy for protecting the global environment to a certain extent. Solar energy is one of the good choice to heading for clean energy. Antaisolar choose the the way to provide solar racking solution as one of the effort to promoting the use of solar energy.

With 13 years dedication in solar mounting system since 2006, Antaisolar pays attention to the quality by owning factory to conduct strict quality control through the whole processing. All the racking system are compliance with international standards like AS/NZ1170.2:2011 and JISC 8955:2011. Thousands of different scale solar projects, most of them at megawatt scale are supported by Antaisolar, which are stable even under extreme bad weather.

In the past few years, Antaisolar continue to lay out domestic and international markets while adhering to quality first, and provide timely local support through the establishment of overseas offices and branches. Recently, Antaisolar announced to set up office in Malaysia after the establishment of Vietnam office in Southeast Asia. In this way, we can offer more quick and efficient response and provide local support in case of any emergency.

Focus on quality first, R&D innovation from the product side together with global marketing layout and efficient teamwork on the server side to help the widespread use of clean energy.


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