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What are the cost of a solar power plant?

July 30 , 2021

The cost of a solar power plants include many aspects, and there are different costs at different stages of the project.

It can be divided into several stages as following:

Part I: The preliminary planning stage of the project mainly includes: project approval, feasibility study, land acquisition and compensation, etc.

Part II: The project construction phase mainly includes: detailed project design, equipment and material procurement and transportation, civil construction and installation engineering, commissioning and trial operation, etc.

Part III: The project operation stage mainly includes: insurance, operation and maintenance personnel remuneration, equipment parts replacement, etc.

The cost of the project construction phase covers all the costs incurred during this period from the beginning of a vacant land to the final completion of photovoltaic power station. Among them, equipment procurement and installation accounted for approximately 81% of the static investment of the project. The equipment and installation fee is mainly composed of two parts: power generation equipment and installation (approximately 77%), step-up transformer equipment and installation (approximately 4%).

The cost of power generation equipment and installation mainly includes solar modules, solar brackets, other electrical equipment (combiner boxes, power distribution cabinets, inverters, box transformers), cables and other equipment. Different types of power stations, such as roof and ground mount have different cost proportions. Taking ground mount solar power station as an example, solar modules generally account for about 50%, solar bracket for about 10%, and inverters for 6 to 8%. Therefore, the cost of a solar power plants (including modules and brackets) as a great impact on the total investment.

In response to the global call for carbon neutrality, solar equipment suppliers such as solar modules and brackets are continuing to improve product quality and efficiency through technological innovation and other methods to further reduce the LCOE. As a supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting system, Antaisolar has been committed to providing high-quality solar mounting and tracking system for the stable operation of power stations, and further reducing production costs by expanding production bases to form large-scale production. Furthermore, Antaisolar continuously explores the way for improving the power generation efficiency of the solar tracker through technological innovation, thereby contributing to higher investment returns. For more about solar plants, please click at here:


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