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Why anti-pull force test is important for roof solar racking?

August 06 , 2021

For solar power stations, in order to ensure the whole system stability and reliability during the 25-year operation period, especially in the areas of severe weather conditions such as typhoons, it’s essential to conduct pull-out force test for the solar racking adapted.

For different roof types, the roof clamps adapted can be different, but the test method is the same. Taking an example of Kliplok ®700 non-penetrating roof clamps, the test procedures are as following:

First, lock the fixture to the section of roof sheeting. Then use the iron wire to wrap around the fixture, and then use the tension meter to count. It requires two people to lift it up together, and the tester records the data. Take points to test in different places to ensure the accuracy of the test.

According to the local wind load requirements, apply the corresponding pulling force to check whether the fixture is not damaged or cracked.

If the test results meet the requirements of the project engineering, the fixture used is determined to be qualified, which is particularly important for power stations in areas with high typhoon occurrence.

Besides on site anti-pull force test, there also exist tests inside laboratory. Antaisolar, leader of the whole supply chain in PV mounting system, offers in-house anti-pull force test before shipment. At the request of project needs, testing can be conducted to determine the strength of the non-penetrating roof mount assemblies when subjected to an uplift load force.

According to wind speed requirement, the assembled items can be secured into a universal testing machine and a tension force was applied until fracture to see its maximum anti-pull force. It’s of great importance to choose a solar racking supplier that can offer an in-house test or subjected to a third party test. Antaisolar has committed to providing the high quality and efficient solar mounting system for both roof-mounted or ground-mounted since 2006, please click at for any solar racking enquires.


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