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Why choose Antaisolar tracker in terms of Operation & Maintenance?

April 06 , 2021

O&M is remain one of the top considerations when decide to adopt solar tracker for projects.

Antaisolar solar trackers both Helios and Clytie series are innovative design that allow intelligent maintenance. All is based on the simple principle that by minimizing tracker complexity and maximize reliability.

Through Antaisolar smart commissioning, up to 200 CU centralized control by Data Logger via smartphone QR code scanning. Real time system monitoring from developed SCADA platform and the whole life-cycle traceability can be managed via QR code.

By introducing high accuracy AI forecasting system, system is equipped with hyetometrograph, anemometer rain and snow sensor, etc. to record the real time weather conditions. And the system combines the historical data, meteorological satellite images, and field weather conditions to generate a 30 minutes’ accurate forecasting.

Tilted Single Axis Tracker Company

Another smart O&M feature is the system can forecast the component’s service life to decide the maintenance and components replacement for the solar farm’s reliability.

By AI Light Source Tracking method, Antaisolar trackers deliver maximum power generation through the historical big data and the weather, terrain, scattered light conditions, together with the AI deep machine learning method to generate the optimized tracking path.

For more details on hands-off O&M approach about Antai Solar trackers, contact or head to their website at


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