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Why choose Adjustable Tilt Mounting System?

July 09 , 2021

Adopted for acquiring more power generation, adjustable tilt roof mounting system is one of the best field assembled, roof-mount available for commercial and residential solar installations.

adjustable tilt roof mounting system

Featured with tilt angle range covering 10-15°,15-30°, 30-60°, it allows for project-specific adjustments according to best local installation inclination calculated, then all arrays are fixedly installed at this inclination. Currently, it is widely used in flat roof power stations in Australia market.

According to on site terrain , different foot option is available such as combined with roof clamp or roof penetration directly.

Fast and trouble-free installations with pre-assembled before shipment and easy-understanding installation demo by provider-Antaisolar. Modular design for local distribution for its range of adjustable suits for different latitude requirements.

The unique adaptation of AL6005-T6 material offering highest resistance and rugged durability for whole project compared with AL6005-T5 that is commonly used inside industry. The adjustable tilt roof Mount Rack installs quickly, features similar-sized hardware and requires only standard tools and equipment for assembly, which can be assembled in a logical, step-by-step manner by crews of nearly any skill level.

With best-in-class engineering and significant expertise, Antaisolar offers a variety of solar racking solutions mounted on roof or ground. The adjustable tilt solar bracket is favored by its flexibility for roof mounting to achieve better power generation. Click the link to see relevant projects at here:


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