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What you need to know when choose solar racking for bifacial modules?

August 30 , 2021

What is bifacial module? The bifacial module, as the name implies, can generate electricity on both the front and backside of the modules. Compared with conventional single-sided modules, it can increase power generation by about 10-30%. From a technical point of view, the bifacial modules and solar trackers are a effective way to reduce the cost of electricity in the photovoltaic industry.

The shading of the front of the module is often the focus of attention. However, for the bifacial module, since the back side also has the power generation capacity, the shading of the back also needs to be paid attention to, especially the shading from the solar bracket.

For conventional solar brackets, the design of the main supporting beam and purlin is more concerned with strength, economy and the location of the component bolt holes (or clamps). As for the bifacial module, the solar racking system needs to be specially designed.

Firstly, the main supporting beam and purlin of the mounting system must be designed to avoid the position of the module, so as not to cover the back of the battery of the bifacial module. When designing the structure, the racking system components cannot cross the module cell area, so the supporting rails, purlins and connection accessories can only be arranged at the edge of the module.

In addition, the back side of the bifacial module will be severely obscured by the rotation axis of the single-axis tracking system, so this 1P configuration single-axis tracking system is very unsuitable for the bifacial module.

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Therefore, the current single-axis tracking system for bifacial modules generally adopts the way that the modules are installed on both sides of the rotating shaft, and adopts a double-row design, which can better avoid the back shielding of the modules by the rotating shaft.

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The solar mounting system is the backbone of the PV power plants and supports the normal operation of solar modules. Reasonably optimize the design of mounting and racking system for bifacial installation can take out the question of backside shading. Bifacial modules are the future of the industry for its high-energy yields, Antaisolar’s ANT and TAI series solar trackers are innovative designed for better compatible with bifacial modules and proven to be a easy –to- install way at site. More projects with bifacial modules are coming out as the best approach to realize lower LCOE.


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