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What kinds of rooftop is suitable for solar installation ?

July 16 , 2021

Many homeowners may be considering solar power as an alternative to saving energy, especially in hot summer. So what are the main considerations should be known before they make an investment in solar power energy?

The following are some advice to customers who are considering installing solar power in their homes.

1: Sufficient sun for solar energy

Since solar energy is generated by the sun, check how many sunny days you get on average annually before making the investment. Orientation can make difference. For example, in the northern hemisphere, it is best to install solar power plants to the south. When the photovoltaic panels face south, the power generation and solar radiation are also the best.

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2: Shadow occlusion

Not all south-facing roofs can be installed with photovoltaic modules. We have to consider that the surrounding trees and other buildings will not block the photovoltaic modules. Obstacles will cause a hot spot effect on solar panels, which will not only affect the overall power generation, but also cause fatal damage to the panels. It needs to be well considered before planning the solar panels layout.

3: Sufficient load-bearing capacity

The roof load-bearing capacity is a problem that must be considered in the initial stage of the design of photovoltaic power plants. Generally speaking, installing a photovoltaic power station will increase the weight of the roof by 15KG/㎡, that is to say, the total weight increase of the roof of a 3KW system is 350KG, and the total weight of the roof of a 5KW system is 600KG. It must be evaluated when adding solar plants on roof to see whether is safe enough or not.

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When the above all are well considered, and it’s time to choose the solar systems providers that have proven track record in market, including solar racking, solar panels, or solar inverters. Antaisolar is a leading supplier of whole industry chain in PV mounting system for over 15 years since 2006, offering a comprehensive portfolio covering solar racking solution for residential or commercial roof installation.

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