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What Information Need When Designing a Solar Carport?

June 06 , 2020

With the widespread of low-carbon lifestyle concept, the electric vehicle has become a top choice for more and more people. Meanwhile, this trend has also driven the development of solar carport. What information need when designing a solar carport? Let’s find out in this article.

Solar carport mounting system

Before designing a solar carport, there are several information you need to confirm:

1. Waterproof or non-waterproof

The solar carport has two options of waterproof or non-waterproof, you can choose one according to the local climates or other special requirements.

2. Size of solar carport

Measuring the required area and ground clearance of the solar carport in advance, so as to ensure the proper layout for the success of building a solar carport.

3. Single or double rows of parking

In accordance with the solar carport dimension and your requirements, choosing single or double rows of parking and even more.

Solar carport mounting system

4. Arrangement direction and inclination

Due to the different solar elevation and azimuth angles in different latitudes, the right placement of solar panels at a certain tilt is key factor for ensuring electricity generation with maximum efficiency.

5. Foundation type

There are various solar carport foundation types—concrete base, ground screw and bored pier, which are suitable for different kinds of ground conditions.

6. Wind load and snow load

The wind and snow load affect the selection of solar carport type. They should also be taken into consideration when designing a solar carport.

Solar canopy mounting system

Antaisolar offers both waterproof and non-waterproof carport solar mounting system, which are customized according to various requirements. We are always dedicated in providing beneficial and economic solar carport solution for clients with experienced engineers. More information aboutwaterproof solar mounting system (framed),waterproof solar mounting system (frameless) and carport solar mounting system are at Antaisolar.


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