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What do you need to know about SCADA platform while choosing solar tracker?

October 29 , 2021

For solar trackers, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a system that links together numerous hardware and software components of a site in order to easily monitor, control, recording, early warning and analyze performance. Those components continue to expand, helping solar operators analyze all relevant solar project data in one place.

2P Solar tracker


1. Data Acquisition

a. Status information, including gale trigger status, battery charge and discharge status, etc.

b. Abnormal information, including sensor abnormalities, communication abnormalities, etc.

c. Device access information, number of connected devices and device communication

2. Sensor information (determined by the sensors installed on site)

a. Wind speed and direction

b. Irradiation information, irradiation value, temperature, etc.

c. Meteorological information, rain and snow weather, precipitation, etc.

3. Controller data

a. System information: operating mode, system angle, system status, system abnormality, etc.

b. Motor running current

c. Power supply information: battery voltage and power, switching power supply voltage, etc.

二: Early warning

1. Abnormal Installation of solar tracker

Early warning of abnormality through inclination sensor during installation

System deformation, loosening and other abnormalities during operation

2. Operation failure warning

Actively monitoring system operation failures, such as controller failures, data acquisition  failures etc, real-time reporting to the system to ensure the full life cycle of solar power plants

3. Extreme weather forcast

By integrating weather forecast service support, along with expected performance, the SCADA solar system can provide accurate weather forecasts through its combined historical data, meteorological satellite images

三:Statistics and presentation

1. Generate an overview map according to the project plan and display statistical information

2. View historical system data in the list

3. View historical or real-time data with a line chart

4. View system exception information in the list

In general, a high efficient and reliable SCADA platform adopts Zigbee wireless and mesh networking system with high transmission rate and stable communication quality. It also provide an easy way for smart configuration of control units via smartphone QR scanning.

Antaisolar, devoted strong innovation on solar tracker development and application, can offer designed SCADA solution ensuring remote monitoring and control of the system conditions to better guarantee your efficient operation of power stations. More about solar trackers at:


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