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What do you know about aluminum roof clamps

November 11 , 2019

Aluminum roof clamps is one of the solar system components to fit most of standing seam profiles and then combine with rails, mid clamp, end clamp and other components to work as solar racking solution.

Trapezoidal solar mounting

Made of 6005-T6 aluminum with all stainless steel hardware. Antaisolar offer a variety of roof attachment system guarantees superior strength for parallel and perpendicular loading. According to different standing seam profile, Antaisolar has various roof clamps which can fit any metal roof types. In general, it’s divided into two kinds of clamps, that is non-penetration and penetration.

For non-penetration like Locked seam®, the round point setscrews compress the seam material against the opposite wall of the clamp. They will "dimple" the seam material, but will not penetrate it. Threaded holes in the clamp (stainless hardware is provided) enable the easy attachment of various ancillary items to the clamps.

For penetration roof clamps like on T-shape roof sheet, it’s designed with EPDM between roof and clamp to prevent from water leakage. During the installation, Waterproof glue is often used to strengthen the performance.

For whatever roof sheet profile, Antaisolar can offer any kinds of roof clamps to well fit the roof. what is commonly utilized is Kliplok® 406 and Kliplok® 700, it offer a secure fastening without penetrating the

roof sheets, ensuring maximum stability with minimum weight.


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