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Several ground solar projects designed and provided by Antaisolar

December 02 , 2019

Recently, several solar projects in Japan were shared by Antaisolar partners through some photos taken after completion. Most of them come from Antaisolar long-term partners from whom MW scale solar plants are accomplished.

Project in Hokkaido, Japan

NW ground solar racking system

The 700KW ground solar project is located in Hokkaido, Antaisolar provided NW ground solar racking system after fully analysis of soil and weather condition. This kind of ground solar racking is one of the convenient solution designed for ground mount installations, from commercial to utility level. It can be adapted to different local conditions, the design is carried out Antaisolar experienced engineers to meet  high loads caused by wind and snow. Flexible foundation is optional such as ground screw or concrete, and variable inclination and height makes plant design flexible.

Agriculture Project in Shizuoka, Japan

agricultural bracket system

This 100.64KW Agricultural-light complementary solar power project located in Shizuoka, Japan. It’s designed to provide the perfect combination for both electricity generation and cultivation. Farmers can fully exploit the sun energy for daily basic activities such as irrigation, heating, and lighting. The excess electricity can be sold to the grid for revenue.

Antaisolar agricultural bracket system, the structure is made of all aluminum alloy 6005-T6 and connector is made of SUS304. Anodized surface treatment makes the solar racking in good appearance and highly anti-corrosion.

Ground solar projects in Ibaraki, Japan

This 2468.4kw ground solar project is located in Ibaraki, Japan and has already connected to local grid. Highly pre-assembly supporting beam make it largely save on-site installation time and labor cost. If you are interested in above projects , please send email to,  Antaisolar will be there to answer any inquries.


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