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Operation and Maintenance of Household Photovoltaic Power Station

July 15 , 2020

The household photovoltaic power station has become the top choice of power supply for many families and its installation number is greatly increasing year by year. The service life of a PV power station system is about 25 years. How to ensure its smooth operation in such long period? This is closely related to your scientific operation and maintenance.

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Routine Maintenance

1.Users should regularly check the PV system and record data, and contact the after-sales service personnel in time in case of any problem.

2.When the PV module is found to have dust or debris, it should be cleaned in time. To prevent damage caused by thermal expansions and contractions, users should avoid cleaning the module at the highest temperature in summer. It is recommended to clean it in the morning and evening.

3.In winter, the frequency of cleaning should be increased in snowy areas. If there is thick snow on the module, please use a tool to gently push the snow away in case not to scratch the solar panel surface.

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4.The PV systems are equipped with lightning protection devices, so there is no need to disconnect it during thunderstorms. However, for the sake of safety, the circuit connection can also be cut off to avoid damage caused by direct lightning that cannot be removed by the lightning protection devices.

5.Do not install the range hood and exhaust fan near the power generation system to avoid damage to the system or impact on the power generation.

Inspection of PV Module

Do not step on the PV module during inspection to avoid damage. Inflammable and explosive dangerous goods shall not be placed near PV module. If it is found that the PV module has problems such as broken glass, burned back plate, obvious color change, deformation, cracking and burning of junction box, or connection terminal is unable to connect, it shall be adjusted or replaced by professionals immediately.

Inspection Of Inverter

The dust accumulated in the inverter will cause excessive heat and damage, therefore the dust shall be cleaned regularly. Frequently check whether the cable is in good condition. If any crack, damage, expansion and other phenomena occurred, contact a professional in time.

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Racking Maintenance

Users should check whether all racking connections are firm and reliable, and whether all bolts are complete from time to time. If the anti-corrosion and anti-rust coating on the racking surface cracks or falls off, it shall be repaired in time. To keep the racking well grounded, please regularly check whether the connection is firm and the contact is good.

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