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How to install tile roof hook for residential solar roof?

July 02 , 2021

For most of residential roof space which are concrete tiles, it’s commonly to see applying solar panels upon it for power generation.  It’s known that tile roofs and solar panels are a great combination, because a properly installed tile roof can last 100 years. This will outlast your solar panels (which usually have 25 year warranties). That means that you shouldn’t have to worry about needing to pay to remove your solar panels to fix a roof issue underneath.

If you have a concrete tile roof, there are ways to go about installing solar panels on a concrete tile roof.

First, your installer can put stainless steel hooks under the tile for your system to be mounted on. Your installer would temporarily remove the tiles, install the hooks underneath into the roof, then put the tile back over the mount, and rack the system from there.

Let ‘s list the steps as bellows:

Step 1: Fixing the hooks with self-tapping screw into beam.

Step 2: Using the raill connector to splice the rail

Step 3: Fixing the hook to the rail

Step 4: Placing the solar panels and use the end clamps to fix the panel

Step 5: Using the mid clamps to fix the panel

Step 6: Placing the entire panel from bottom to top, from left to right

Step 7: Installing the grounding lug

Finding a installation demo in details, please check out at here:

According to different shape of tile roof, various tile roof hooks should be chosen from them to fit the actual use. Antaisolar offers numerous solar tile roof kits for Australia solar market.

The Tile roof solar mounting system is suitable for nearly all coverings, including pantile, plain tiles, slate tiles. Systems are fully compliant with the Australian and other international standards on wind & snow load, making it suitable for a wide variety of climatic zones.


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