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How to choose the material of solar racking |

August 20 , 2021

The right choice of solar racking material can impact the economic performance and stability of a solar power plant. So how to choose the right bracket according to the material? Generally, the main materials of solar racking are carbon steel, aluminum alloy. and new materials, carbon steel and aluminum alloy are widely used in the PV market.

The aluminum alloy made solar racking is aesthetically pleasing. Its main advantage is light-weight, which is one-third of the weight of carbon steel. The surface is highly corrosion-resistant, forming a dense oxide film protective layer in the air to further prevent oxidation. In addition, aluminum alloy still has a recovery rate of 65% after 25 years of the life cycle of the power station, which is environmentally friendly and recyclable. In terms of production and processing, aluminum profiles can be easily processed into various specifications through sawing, drilling, punching and other processes, making it more flexible and easy to install. Therefore, aluminum alloy solar racking is suitable for roofs with poor load-bearing or areas with severe salt damage and strong corrosion.

The carbon steel solar racking has high strength and high bearing capacity. Usually the surface is hot-dip galvanized, which can ensure a 25-year service life under normal conditions, but it needs regular maintenance. Therefore, when the strength requirements are relatively high and the actual span is relatively large, it is recommended to select steel solar racking when having a high strength requirements and large span.

Another new material is called as MAC steel, its coating layer is formed by high-temperature curing of zinc (Zn), aluminum (Al) and magnesium (Mg), so that the surface of MAC steel has a dense barrier that effectively prevents the penetration of corrosion factors. Compared with traditional hot-dip galvanized carbon steel , it performs a better corrosion resistance for large-scale solar ground projects.

With the popularization and application of solar plants, in order to cope with more severe corrosive environments and strict environmental protection requirements, how does a solar racking system provider react to such a complex natural environment? Focused on solar mounting system for over 15 years, Antaisolar attaches great importance to the combined optimization of materials and structure, it can offer the best solar racking solution based on different application scenario and provide well-suit material, covering aluminum alloy, carbon steel or MAC steel. The accumulated solar racking shipment by Antaisolar has reached 15GW and well operated worldwide. More projects in details please click at:


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