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How to Choose a Suitable Solar Mounting System for Your Roof?

May 08 , 2020

When planning to buy a solar mounting racking system for your roof, you will be troubled by this question—what kind of solar mounting racking systems is the most suitable one? There are various types of solar mounting racking systems, and making a right choice can not only lower the project cost and increase the amount of solar power generation, but also reduce the maintenance cost in the later stage. Here, Antaisolar offers a variety of roof solar mounting racking systems for your reference.

For Concrete Flat Roof

1. Non Penetrating Ballast Mounting Rack

Non Penetrating Ballast Mounting Rack

Non penetrating ballast solar racking is designed for PV mounting on commercial or residential flat-roof. The low pitch allows minimum ballast with an optimum of profit, ideal solution for use on industrial buildings with low admissible additional loads. The system is delivered in compact form to save logistics cost, unfold at site saves valuable time. No need to anchor and damage the roof membrane. It utilizes high strength aluminum components, anodized aluminum 6005-T6 pre-assembled support and corrosion resistant hardware for long term reliability. Variable ballast weight allows for local wind rating requirements to be meet on an individual basis.

2. Aluminum Triangle Bracket

Triangle mounting bracket

The triangle mounting bracket is a newly developed product for flat rooftop installation, more cost-effective than the traditional bracket. With only two supporting angle aluminums, it can be installed without rail, or with rail. For mini power solar plant, it is recommended to designed without rail, which helps to reduce thee cost and simplify packing.

For Pitched Roof

1. Tile Roof Mounting System

Tile Roof Mounting System

Tile roof solar mounting system offers perfection solution for installation on tile roofing, the roof fastening is done using highly-resistant stainless steel roof hooks, which is suitable for nearly all coverings, this include pantile, plain tiles, slate tiles. The whole system contains only five components, simplifying the process of installation. In addition, the systems are fully compliant with the Australian and other international standards on wind&snow load, making it suitable for a wide variety of climatic zones.

2. Metal Roof Mounting System

The metal sheet roof mounting system is suitable for roofing with corrugated sheet metal, trapezoidal metal sheet. L Feet, various roof clamps like Kliplok® 406,  Locked Seam®, Kliplok ®700 are available for foot option, making installation more fast, competitive and reliable. It is a excellent choice for residential and commercial applications.

Over the past 14 years, Antaisolar has been full played its strict quality control to provide reliable and cost-effective solar racking solution and kept innovating its products and services. More about Non Penetrating Ballast Mounting Rack, Aluminum Triangle Bracket, Tile Roof Mounting System, Metal Roof Mounting System or others at


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