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How much do you know about solar-fishery hybrid power system?

November 27 , 2020

What is solar-fishery hybrid power generation?

"Solar-fishery hybrid power generation" refers to the combination of fishery and photovoltaic power generation. The photovoltaic matrix is set up above the water surface of the fishpond, meanwhile, the fishpond can also be used for aquaculture. In addition, photovoltaic matrix can also provide a good shading for fishpond, forming a new economical and multifunctional power generation mode.

Solar-fishery hybrid power generation

What are the advantages of solar-fishery hybrid power generation?

1.The shading provided by photovoltaic matrix can lower the water surface temperature, reduce water evaporation, and lessen the probability of fish and shrimp being scalded to death.

2.Solar-fishery hybrid power system hinders the photosynthesis of plants, inhibits the propagation of algae to a certain extent so as to improve the water quality and provide a good living environment for fish.

3.Solar-fishery hybrid power system can bring additional photovoltaic power generation profits and multiply the added value of aquaculture.

The solar-fishery hybrid power generation mode innovatively combines photovoltaic and fishery industries, which not only saves land resource occupation, but also outputs environment-friendly clean energy.

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