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How is important to choose cleaning robots for large scale PV power plants?

June 11 , 2021

Photovoltaic power plants have taken a big stride under the global call for carbon neutrality. The construction of PV power stations is very growing fast, while the operation and maintenance of power stations has been neglected, especially in the desert and Gobi photovoltaic power stations with bad weather conditions. In regions home to desert environments such as the Middle East and North Africa, and parts of Latin America., with greater wind and dusty weather, the impact of photovoltaic power generation efficiency can be as high as 15-30% loss.

For long-running photovoltaic power generation systems, the impact of dust accumulation on solar modules should not be underestimated. The dust on the surface of the module has the function of reflecting, scattering and absorbing solar radiation, which can reduce the transmittance of the lights, causing the solar radiation received by the module to decrease, and the output power is also reduced. Its effect is proportional to the cumulative thickness of the dust.

Single axis solar tracking system Company

In addition, because the dust absorbs solar radiation, the solar modules can heat up, and the dust may contain some corrosive chemical components, which will not only cause the photoelectric conversion efficiency, but also cause the aging and even damage of the solar panels. Dust occlusion not only changes the direction of light irradiation, reduces the light transmittance of the glass panel, and affects system efficiency. Long-term dust occlusion will cause hot spots.

Therefore, it’s vital to choose a solar racking supplier with engineered consideration for cleaning robots. Antaisolar Space single-axis solar tracker is engineered with innovative design for better match with cleaning robots.

Space is designed with multi-point drive to resist gale conditions and effectively solve the instability problem under extreme weather. And there is no accumulated angle error in N-S direction, making it easier to pass. Wireless networking communication can obtain the current position and status information of the cleaning robots in real time, enabling greater stability.


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