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How Antaisolar act in adapting to COVID-19?

April 15 , 2020

Due to the spreading epidemic in global, safety and health remain our first priority. We care all the employees with complying protective measures and with nobody getting infected.

Under the premise of ensuring the safety of employees, Antaisolar factory tried its best to resume production in order to dealing with orders and now it turns out that everything is under control with no delay for undergoing projects.

Whatever our employees, partners, customers and society, we know that we are the community of life as a whole. In this period, we would like to provide something we can do to help everyone keep in safe. Nearly 100000 masks are delivered to all of you we care a lot and believe we shall overcome.

Besides, keeping communication channels open with our current customers and partners is one of our vital way under the social distancing. At this period, we can take time to improve our customer service, investigating online means of sales and marketing, having deep communication on customer satisfaction survey.

As for keeping providing better service and quality in solar industry, we committed to innovating both at solar racking structure designing and production processing. At this time, optimizing our documentation, datasheets and sales kits is also one of the things for brand promotion. Conducting internal training for staff on product technology and its benefits can be strengthened during this time.

The virus pulls us away but we can make full use of online tools and settle down on improving to achieve our mutual goals. Antaisolaris one of the most trusted names in the solar industry and one that is committed to improving endlessly.

This is a challenging time, however, we remain steadfast in managing the business and continuing to provide you with great products & services.


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