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Comprehensive interpretation of Antaisolar pile ground mounting system

July 25 , 2019

Compared with the traditional ground support system, Antaisolar pile ground mounting system has wide application range as well. Antaisolar pile ground mounting system is a solution which suitable for installations on uneven ground or the inability or inconvenience of making the foundation.

Good adaptability: It can be used on flat land, mountain or slope, and can be adjusted angel according to the needs of the project. Construction is not subject to seasonal restrictions.

Convenient installation: It owns hot-dip galvanized pile body so that can be quick installation. It uses the pile driver to drive the foundation pile into the ground within the average time 30-75s, shorten the construction period. The foundation is easy to adjust the height during the piling process.

Cost savings: It uses pile driver construction to reduce construction costs; large span can reduce the number of foundations, thereby reducing costs.

Green and environmental protection: It uses pile driver to drive steel pile into the soil, no need to excavate the ground, more environmentally friendly

According to the characteristics of different topographic environments, Antaisolar has developed an optimal pile ground mounting solution to improve system reliability, reduce costs and ensure the return on investment of power plants.

1: Single Pile Single Support

a:  large span design, reduce the number of piles

b:  Single pile single support design,  greatly reduce costs

c:  Quick construction, effectively reduce the manpower and time required for installation

Ground Solar racking supplier in Malaysia

2: Single Pile Double Support

a: Suitable for medium and large commercial power plant. Suitable for flat land, mountain or slope

b: Single pile design, obvious cost advantage

c: Combine the characteristics of the project to achieve the east-west angle adjustment

Monopost ground mounting system

3: Double Pile Double Support

a: Applicable to complex terrain and harsh weather conditions such as high wind and snow pressure

b: Integrated design of piles and columns with few main components, quick and convenient installation

c: Flexible installation system, which can realize the adjustment of east and west, north and south, height of piles.

Biopost structure

The pile ground solar solution has successively applied in many large-scale ground solar projects and widely used in many markets such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Europe,etc. Antaisolarsolar will continue to output convenient and reliable, innovative and efficient solar mounting solutions, with excellent product quality and comprehensive services to ensure the benefits of PV station systems, and continue to create value for the clients.


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