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Chapter two: Factors that help to reduce solar project risk under extreme bad weather

May 14 , 2021

Following the previous chapter, that is how to reduce solar project risk for extreme weather from initial structural design, we are going to focus on the product quality as one of the key factors in this chapter.

It’s a real fact that there exists some solar plants damaged by extreme weather and thus caused significant loss.

As a solar tracker manufacturer, Antaisolar has vast expertise in handling the extreme bad weather challenge to large-scale solar plants.

Besides the initial structural designing, the high quality of whole system from the main parts to other small parts play a vital role in guaranteeing the stability of system. As for solar trackers, in order to ensure the high-quality, we need to pay attention to the selection of raw materials and manufacturing process. Antaisolar is assured of its products are reliable when they before the shipment. A large number of tests are required ranging from the testing of torque tubes, purlins, and bearings to little screws, all of which need to pass a special test platform for overload testing and life testing.

Single axis solar pv tracker

For example, transmission structure is one of the most important components of solar tracker for achieving stability. For slew-drive solar tracker, the worm gear and worm can support the force under strong wind and the quality of the slewing driver directly affects whether the slewing driver can withstand the windy weather. One of the most important processes of worm gears is heat treatment. The heating temperature and cooling rate directly affect the mechanical properties of worm gears and worms. It takes numerous tests to meet the requirements of our environment. Once the heat treatment process does not meet the standards, it will pose threat on system stability. Serious problems such as tooth fracture and tooth deformation will directly lead to the collapse of the solar tracker.

To sum it up, adhering to the high quality of single axis solar tracker is necessary when choose to build a solar power station. In the chapter three, We will focus on another influencing factor in details, stay tuned!


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