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Chapter three: How O&M helps to reduce solar project risk under extreme bad weather?

June 23 , 2021

Following the previous discussed in our earlier chapter, that is how to reduce solar project risk for extreme weather from quality control, in this chapter, we are going to focus on another key factor, operations and maintenance, which plays a vital role for the whole stability.

It’s a real fact that there exists some solar plants damaged by extreme weather and thus caused significant loss. A large majority of solar tracker plants are ground-mounted and utility scale, operations and maintenance (O&M) issues can have a profound effect on a project’s performance.

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The smart O&M will introduce high accuracy AI forecasting system, through equipping with hyetometrograph, anemometer rain and snow sensor, etc. to record the real time weather conditions. And the system combines the historical data, meteorological satellite images, and field weather conditions to generate a 30 minutes’ accurate forecasting. Therefore, when extreme bad weather happens, the O&M persons can quickly react and protect the solar plant in good condition.

More solar energy systems were installed worldwide for its eco-friendly and long-lasting return. It’s critical to guarantee the stability from an O&M perspective. Choosing a proper solar tracker supplier that has well considered the impact of O&M and can provide monitoring service for your solar plants.

As a solar tracker manufacturer, Antaisolar has already equipped with cloud monitoring system for all solar tracking system, both 1P and 2P included. In this way, smart O&M will help to handle the extreme bad weather challenge for large-scale solar plants and enhance the overall stability.

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