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September 21 , 2018
Should you go with a rail or rail-less PV mounting system on your next installation? All systems have their pros and cons, and depending on the job at hand or your business plan, either could be the right solution for you. So, when, where and why would you go in one direction or another?

At this moment, you may need professional advice. Antaisolar will provide the best solution based on knowing what you need, what you prefer and the attributes of your available choices.

Reasons for Rails

Antaisolar, which offers all types of roof solar systems, says that on a straight-forward roof, your layout time is reduced. Railed systems provided by Antaisolar are flexible to accommodate complicated roof conditions and crooked roofs.

Looking for low to moderately pitched roof applications in the 8 to 44 degrees range. Railed systems will require more engineering on steep slope pitched roof applications, 45 degrees or greater, according to Antaisolar.

Some of the benefits aren’t inherent in the general rail system, but have been built in to select products. PV Racking, for example, has eliminated the need for clamps on the roof, which increases the speed of installation and save 20 to 30 percent in labor time. Its elongated L-Foot allows for faster and easier rail alignment too.

Reasons for Rail-less

As you might expect, the benefits of a rail-less solution come from not having rails. It is obvious that advantages of Rail-less products are compact, easy to handle and cheaper to ship.

Reeny Wang, sales manager of Antaisolar, notes that a rail-less system provides the suppliers the opportunity to cut manufacturing and shipping costs, and the installers are limiting time on the roof with fewer components to handle and install.

Rail-less is also good for mounting in landscape, but less ideal for portrait orientation, says Reeny. She recommends avoiding rail-less on crooked roofs, higher wind areas and tile roofs.

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