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Advice for metal sheet roof mounting system solution

November 11 , 2020

With the rapid development of distributed photovoltaic in China, the roof has become one of the most important carriers to install photovoltaic power station. Among them, the metal sheet roof is a common pitched type with a slope of 10% or 5%, which is made of corrugated steel sheet or trapezoidal metal sheet, etc.

railless metal sheet mounting system

Precautions in the design of metal roof mounting system

1.Define the form and laying method of PV modules, as well as the roof type of the original building.

2.Make clear the structure form of the original building and check the main structure and stress member. The metal sheet roof is required to bear 0.15kn/m2 under the condition.

3.Generally, the metal sheet needs to be replaced every 10-15 years. Therefore, the metal sheet that has been used for more than its service life needs to be replaced.

metal roof mounting system

4.If the owner has high waterproof requirements for the roof, or the roof is dilapidated, it is necessary to do waterproof and anti-corrosion treatment on the roof before installation.

5.When the roof is not facing the sun, the solar mounting system matrix needs to be designed properly to ensure high power generation.

6.The metal sheet roof solar project has its particularities in construction. It is necessary to comprehensively consider the on-site conditions, select the appropriate construction technology, and give precautions and safety measures during construction.

solar mounting system

Antaisolar has been focusing on providing convenient, reliable and innovative solar tracking and racking systems over the last decade. Adopted anodized aluminum 6005-T6, Antaisolar metal sheet roof mounting system has been widely used in multiple markets worldwide and its structural designs have been checked and certified by Dome Consulting (Aust) Pty Ltd, which strictly follow AS 1170.2011 Structural Design Actions.

In accordance with various types of metal sheet roof, we provide different installation solutions, such as penetrating installation using L feet and non-penetrating installation using roof clamps like kalzip , kilplok 406, and kilplok 700, etc. Besides, we offer professional waterproof treatment to keep the metal sheet roof mounting system in stable operation for a long time and help clients save abundant of operation and maintenance costs.

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