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4 Things You Didn't Know About Antaisolar

September 06 , 2018
If you’re involved in Chinese PV market, odds are you’ve heard or read a lot of conflicting information about products of Antaisolar. The reality is that even regular customer might not have the full picture of what Antaisolar is all about.

To help you sort it all out, we’ve put together a list of four things you didn’t know about Antaisolar.

1. Antaisolar is just more than a Chinese supplier

Antaisolar owns his own Aluminum factory and the complete aluminum profile production line enables him to complete the inspections from aluminum ingots to finished products. More than a career or a business, Antaisolar saw it as his duty to bring the best solar mounting solution to the table for the sake of creating a low-carbon world. Both the government advocates and environmental & economic benefits of solar power will enable more people to increase of the consciousness of clean energy.

2. An indeed practicer of quality revolution policy

Antaisolar insist that every link from production to after-sales service should live up to a high standard. High-precision control of aluminum alloy content is to make sure the 6006/6061/6063 material can meet the international standard. Besides, Antaisolar stick to provide enough wall thickness and film thickness of solar racking for its reliability.

3. Whole set of laboratory testing equipment

Rigorous quality control with a full range of chemical & physical laboratory testing equipment enables Antaisolar get a good reputation in the global. So is his service.

4. Team and scale ensures good service

Antaisolar owns a team of over 20 experienced engineers and a majority of designers engaging in PV industry over 8 years. In other words, the excellent talents source is a great fortune to Antaisolar. During these years, Antaisolar has been keeping enlarging his layout in the world. So far, Antaisolar has set up several overseas agencies and warehouses, which is a strong assist to further improve the service.

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